Part II

Well here we are again. Second year starts and so does this blog (hopefully).

This time there is no induction week, no settling in period, just straight lectures and theory. Only 5 more months to go until placement starts, it just can’t come quick enough.

How was the summer you may ask?

Pretty meh, too much of the time was spent in my own head, which from previous post you should realise is the worst place to be. The motivation to go back was minimal.

I hope the motivation returns soon otherwise these are going to be 5 long months.


Tempus Fugit

So here we are, a week and a half away from the Easter break. That means there is a mere 7 and a half weeks of uni (as in time in lectures etc..) left of the year. A quarter of my medical degree done.

The general feeling is not so much of stress but tiredness. A combination of a lack of breaks since christmas, mountains of work and a bit of burnout. Despite having a ‘break’, there are 2 essays to be written, a portfolio to be completed and revision to be started.

Time really does fly though, and each day I’m closer to reaching the light at the end of the tunnel that is placements. It also means I’ve done over half my time at uni (4 years out of the total of 7!) and for the first time, I can’t wait to get out of all day lectures and workshops.

Regardless, i’m not wishing away the time, instead simply enjoy what time I have off. This will, after all, be the last year (possibly of my life) where I’ll have significant holiday time off. No point wasting it!