A new plan

It’s coming to the end of February which, even by my standards has been a rollercoaster. I’m looking forward to march (not least because it contains my birthday). So to celebrate the end of the second month of the year (yeah, I don’t know where it’s gone either), I am going to try and write a new entry everyday this week.

This will be a chance for me to express and you to see a true week in the life of a med student.

As for this weekend. It has been pretty much business as usual, work, attempted sleep and binge watching series (finished House M.D., now onto Scrubs – I can count it as work if it contains medical stuff).

On to monday!!


Bah Humbug

Remember those days spent binge watching Scrubs. Remember all the fun they got up to. How I remember thinking this was how medicine was gonna be.

How naive of me…

If you think it’s all fun and games, where we party hard. It’s not, at least not for us graduate entry.

We’ve been back 6 weeks since Christmas (overall 10 days off since Sept 1st). Before you say it, yes this is what I signed up for and I shouldn’t be so surprised. Although getting home at 7pm after a 9am start for the last 6 weeks is getting a bit old. Especially since we’re not actually seeing any patients. Pre-clinical theory in one year, who thought that would be a good idea!!

The idea of getting out onto wards is the gold at the end of the rainbow, except this rainbow is mainly varying shades of grey.

Ah well, time to do some more work before bed. Be a waste of time otherwise 😉