Results and the Future

So you have your results (GCSE or A-Level) and you’re looking towards the future. What’s next?


Some of you will be lucky enough to have gotten the grades you wanted to get into med school. To those people, congratulations. It’s a long and arduous journey but you will enjoy every last minute of it.

To those unfortunate enough to not get the grades. Do not despair. There are so many options for you. You can do a different degree, something which you may fall in love with that you never thought would be possible. You can take a year out, travel and work, gain some life experience before re-applying. There is no right option, nor is there a wrong option.

I was in this scenario 5 years ago, grades not good enough for medicine (before the times of applying through clearing), I went in to Biomedical Science. I loved every moment of that course, but I realised this was not the career I wanted to do. I still wanted to do medicine. I graduated and got in to graduate entry medicine (luckily and thankfully). My route is a common one, however there are some I know who have come from economics, english, history, law, dance, art and politics to name but a few.

Do not be disheartened by your results if they aren’t what you expected. Sometimes the route you didn’t expect can be the best one for you. I know, looking back, I would not want to do anything differently.


Ok, so you’ve just finished school. The GCSEs have been made harder with a different grading (which I still can’t get my head around!). Now you’re off to college. If medicine is something you want to do you’ll have to do Biology. They normally want Chemistry or Physics as another. With Maths as the third. Do your research before picking your subjects. They’ll be wanting AAA as a minimum (generally) which is not as easy as it was at GCSE.

Don’t be worried if you’re GCSEs weren’t the best in the school. Get your A-levels and use what spare time strengthening your application. Volunteer work, shadowing, whatever you can get to increase the chances of getting your application considered by universities.

Work hard. A-levels are not like GCSEs. I found the jump between the two greater than between A-levels and Uni.

Be sure this is the career you want. If it is, spend every moment working towards it, it’ll be worth it. If not, really consider if it’s what you want to do.

Enjoy college. While only a couple of years, make use of it. It’ll be the last time you’ll be around your friends from home. Despite saying you’ll meet up over summer’s etc, this will slowly fade away until even meeting once a year will be difficult. So make the most of it while you can.


Best of luck in your adventures. If you have any questions, comment or direct message.