3 weeks…3 weeks and it will be over and summer will be here.

Revision has sent everyone crazy, but what else would you expect. On top of revision is the rather ironic factor of applying for student finance and NHS bursaries for next year, because nothing says time well spent than not revising but instead preparing for next year.

Other than revision, not much is happening. I’m taking a bit of time out of revision to relax as well as going to see Guns n’ Roses which should be a great day out.

Now to go look for my motivation, pretty sure I left it round here somewhere


10 Days

A lot can happen in 10 days, and usually does.

10 days ago was valentine’s day. It seems like it was months ago, yet at the same time like it was yesterday. February is horrible time of year for me personally and this year seems to have chucked more things than usual in my direction. Each knock down followed by an attempt to get back up without fully succeeding.

I always knew there was more to life than just medicine, but sometimes it’s difficult to see it through the smoke screen that is studying. This means when it does come around it arrives with a bang.

Until now, I’ve always heard that medicine is a way of life, not a career. Looking at the workload you wouldn’t be mistaken thinking that. 17 years of education just to start the degree, 4 years further studying and the rest of your life working, it’s a lot of your life spent, but medicine is a career.

The moment a career becomes your life is when you’ll start missing out on life itself.