Almost There

1 week and it’ll all be over (at least for another 2 months).

With our clinical exams out of the way all that is left are the written exams. How time has flown, fourth year of university is almost over, just another 3 years to go.

It’s been one hell of a year so I’m most likely going to write a review of this year after exams, so stay tuned for that.

Until then, One. Last. Push.


N.B: I am ignoring anything to do with the election on here, as important as it is, I’m not one to publicise my political views and beliefs unless asked.



3 weeks…3 weeks and it will be over and summer will be here.

Revision has sent everyone crazy, but what else would you expect. On top of revision is the rather ironic factor of applying for student finance and NHS bursaries for next year, because nothing says time well spent than not revising but instead preparing for next year.

Other than revision, not much is happening. I’m taking a bit of time out of revision to relax as well as going to see Guns n’ Roses which should be a great day out.

Now to go look for my motivation, pretty sure I left it round here somewhere


Posts are getting further and further apart. I have 5 weeks until my finals and there’s too much revision required to be done. So you may have to bear with until exams are over.

As for last week, 3 exams, 2 essay deadlines and a portfolio deadline. It was a tough first week back which has meant this weekend is probably going to be one of the last off relaxing.

As for what else has been going on since the last post (which I believe was before cricket tour), I’ve sorted housing and finance for next year, which are the most challenging parts of the medical degree. Honestly, piss up in a brewery sort of incompetence.

Cricket tour was great fun (from what I remember) and a great time away before knuckling down for one last push.

I’m sure more posts will come during revision – ultimately as procrastination. Until then, Ciao

And breathe

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posting over the last fortnight. It’s finally the Easter holiday’s and I needed to spend some time not doing anything *too* medically related before cracking on with essays and revision.

How I wish I was going on holiday but alas I remain at uni. Although at least when the weather is good I can relax in my garden (definitely didn’t get sunburnt last weekend).

In addition to this, I am also starting to actually sleep. That’s not to say life isn’t hectic and trying to throw things at me every 10 seconds but it’s a start. The other thing I’ve tried to do (although not always succeeding) is to try and relax. Thankfully, our university has free membership to a website called Headspace.

It’s basically a meditation app, which has a free 10 day trial before you even need to think about purchasing a membership (you can replay previous days if you want to stretch it out). Membership is expensive but definitely look into whether your university, college, school or workplace can sign up to its Get Some/Give Some program.

It may not help everyone and I’ve never really thought about trying it before, but it forces you to stop everything for 10 minutes, focus on de-stressing and letting go of those little annoyances which build up over the day. (This is not an ad, this is simply something I have used which I found helpful).

Now onto the Easter weekend. There’s 2 months until finals so I should probably get cracking on revision after this weekend, but until then, I’m relaxing regardless of what happens (said confidently glancing over a shoulder).


Salient Saturday

It’s been one hell of a week, even by my standards. So I was incredibly glad to wake up this morning to find the sun blazing through my blinds (unfortunately, off the mirror and into my eyes).

It’s the last day of winter but spring has come a bit earlier. It’d be a waste not to utilise it. So, I went outside and stayed there. I bought a new book – ‘It’s all in your head’ by Suzanne O’Sullivan- and sat in the garden on the sun lounger and enjoyed a day off.


There’s something about spring which puts, well, a spring, in everyone’s step. I know I am someone who becomes infinitely more productive when the sun is out, but at the same time I can also finally relax. Indoors is great….to a point.

It has dawned on me that there are only 12 weeks left of my first year of med school left (including a very generous 4 weeks off for easter!) which means exams are near. Quite often billed as the hardest year of medicine (for graduate entry) is nearly over and that is rather scary. At least i’ll be able to revise outside!!!

Coughing and Splurting

Well isn’t this typical. Just when the weather is getting good and the motivation has returned, illness appears. Granted it’s only a cold but right now I just want to sleep rather than make use of any free time I have.

The first week of a new module is always hectic. New material to learn and often exams from the previous module. This time it was clinical skill exams. Nothing like trying to take a history from a simulation patient when trying not to sneeze.

As usual, next week will be busier so a relaxing, bed-bound weekend probably isn’t the worse.

Although I did have my first ice cream of the year this week! DSC_0050