I’m Sorry

I think the title says it all really. To say I’ve neglected this blog slightly, on the plus side it means nothing *too* eventful is happening.

I’m currently off for Easter holidays, trying to rest and avoid doing anything to do with work or medicine, which is easier said than done. Thankfully the two essays are done and all that is let to do is revision for finals.

During the break I have been able to spend some time in neurosurgery, observing a couple of tumour resections. This was amazing and a speciality I would love to go in to, and not so strangely enough, this didn’t help to dampen my ideas about going into neurosurgery. By far the most amazing part of it was being able to visit the patients mere hours after they had their skull removed, brain moved and prodded and tumours removed, and find them sitting up in bed chatting and eating food.

That is one thing I do suggest to anyone wanting to experience a speciality that may be competitive or not a placement in med school is to be proactive and find consultants in those fields. I have learnt that they are more than happy (most of the time) to have students in.

Next week I am off on tour for a weekend and continuing revision so don’t expect anymore posts for a while.