The Saturday Escape

I think this must be the first day since I’ve moved to med school that I have managed to escape. To put that into perspective, i’m closer to starting second year than I am to the start of the year.

So where did I escape to??

The local park.

Yep that’s right. A 20 minute walk to a local park.

The Escape
Sometimes all you need is a little escape from reality.

Yet it did what it was meant to. I walked around (spent 3 hours just walking about this park), lapping the lake, eating ice cream (with sunglasses on, and yes I know it’s only just the start of march!) and a bit of reading. Today; I did nothing, and it was the best nothing I’ve done in a long time.

It’s important to look after yourself once in a while, something I know I’m terrible at. If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t be there when others need your help. Find something that interests you, calms you or makes you laugh. Clear your head, then, and only then, will you be able to fully commit yourself to your stresses.



Well won’t you look at that, it’s the weekend! Another eventful week has passed but today was a pretty standard friday.

Lecture first thing on embryology of the musculoskeletal system (a lot less interesting than it sounds). This was followed by PBL (case based learning). Our case for this week is a 16yo male who tripped and fell over during national qualifiers for the 800m. Funnily enough, he sprained his ankle (who would have guessed!). Next week our cases all turn towards GI, cause if there’s one thing every medical student is desperate to learn, it’s the Bristol Stool Scale….

We finished today with some clinical skills, examining knees and ankles, both joints I have had numerous problems with in the past (never broken bones, only seem to tear ligaments and tendons), so this session was quite familiar following trips to A&E.

So that was my week (i’ll continue to sunday to make it 7 days). I hope it gave a small glimpse into life as a graduate entry medical student. It just so happened it coincided with the last week of a module when things are winding down slightly.

Rest well and enjoy your weekend!

What an interesting world

So here is the Thursday edition of life of a med student. Guess what, there is actually something to talk about.

Today was GP placement day which meant actually interacting with patients (the whole reason we want to go into medicine). I’m always dumbfounded by the shear difference in people and how they view disease.

The majority of patients, in one form or another, have a mental health issue. Yet no single case is the same. Each has a story to tell, how things have affected them in certain ways, how they’ve coped with such stresses and how they made it to where they are now. I’m very fortunate that they allow me to be part of their life story, to hear them at their most vulnerable. While most patients will come in with a mission of what they want sorted, beneath each symptoms is a story of how it developed, how it came to be and how it led to an anxious wait in a GP surgery waiting room.

As a first year (all be it graduate) medical student, I cannot thank these people enough for their allowance in letting me sit in on their appointments. Often things that even family members will have little knowledge about and that means something special to me. Some will say it’ll wear off as you go through med school and a career in medicine, but realistically, every patient you see, chat to or examine will teach you something new.


As for the rest of the day…revision, feedback and pub. No more needs to be said.

Happy Hump Day

It’s that time of the week where the weekend is in sight. Also that time of year where everyone is waking from their pancake comas form the night before.

I always love the end of a module, the timetable thins out into nothingness, everyone (tends to) get more relaxed (especially as we don’t have an exam on it for another 8 weeks!!) and we look forward to the next module. The joys that will be the GI tract.

Today was a simple day. 9am start, anatomy workshop on the leg and foot (which naturally overran by 20 minutes – yes there was a pun in there) and that was it. So I decided to head over to the main campus and have a walk around in the glorious early March sun.

Tomorrow will be another interesting day. It’s GP placement day. *One of* the only chances to go out on clinical placement (for now) and actually practice our clinical skills on real patients. The only problem is the patient’s never have a problem which requires you to actually practice what you want – typical.

That means an early start and a lot of coffee which will go cold by the end of the first consultation.

The evening will probably be taken up with revision for our clinical skills exam next week (AHHHH HELP) and revision of this module (may as well start early). Now it’s time for bed!

Tuesday’s gone

So what’s a Tuesday like in the life of a medic. Nice.

Double PBL (Problem based learning – we look at cases and work through them systematically to formulate a diagnosis) and an afternoon off*.

* off means we have nothing scheduled. Most of us remain in uni until 5pm regardless, just to do work and revision for the upcoming clinical exams, there is no such thing as time off.

Today is the last day of Feb, and I have never been so happy to see the back of a month in a very long time. Tomorrow is a new day and a new month. Not that I would have noticed if it wasn’t for a calendar.

Happy Shrove Tuesday everyone, enjoy your pancakes!!

Monday Monday…

Hey look at that, monday is finished!!

Just a typical day of lectures for myself today. Some rather interesting, others, less so (I could use them to help insomnia patients get to sleep).

Ok, yeah the weekend is finished and we have to get on with work. However, I’m starting to remember why I wanted to go into medicine. While life may be chucking all it can at me, I love the course, something vital if you want to survive in such an environment.

See you tomorrow!!

A new plan

It’s coming to the end of February which, even by my standards has been a rollercoaster. I’m looking forward to march (not least because it contains my birthday). So to celebrate the end of the second month of the year (yeah, I don’t know where it’s gone either), I am going to try and write a new entry everyday this week.

This will be a chance for me to express and you to see a true week in the life of a med student.

As for this weekend. It has been pretty much business as usual, work, attempted sleep and binge watching series (finished House M.D., now onto Scrubs – I can count it as work if it contains medical stuff).

On to monday!!