Salient Saturday

It’s been one hell of a week, even by my standards. So I was incredibly glad to wake up this morning to find the sun blazing through my blinds (unfortunately, off the mirror and into my eyes).

It’s the last day of winter but spring has come a bit earlier. It’d be a waste not to utilise it. So, I went outside and stayed there. I bought a new book – ‘It’s all in your head’ by Suzanne O’Sullivan- and sat in the garden on the sun lounger and enjoyed a day off.


There’s something about spring which puts, well, a spring, in everyone’s step. I know I am someone who becomes infinitely more productive when the sun is out, but at the same time I can also finally relax. Indoors is great….to a point.

It has dawned on me that there are only 12 weeks left of my first year of med school left (including a very generous 4 weeks off for easter!) which means exams are near. Quite often billed as the hardest year of medicine (for graduate entry) is nearly over and that is rather scary. At least i’ll be able to revise outside!!!


Author: grumpymedicblog

A graduate entry medical student, weaving his way through med school.

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