Life and Death

This is not a blog I thought I’d ever write. Mainly because I never thought that something like a blog would be so important to me as a way to open up.

Today, I lost my grandfather. While I understand this is something that happens often in everybody’s lives, it matters to everyone in their own special way.

For me he was a shelter. As someone who doesn’t have many male role models, he was someone to look up to. A no nonsense, caring individual, who couldn’t stop giving. Throughout his struggles with health, he remained positive. A true inspiration. Without his presence, my life would have turned out much worse and I can only thank him for everything he did for me. He had no right to let me into his life (not blood grandson), yet he did, with open arms.

Is there anything quite like a grandfather’s storytelling? I don’t believe there is and I couldn’t care less if he told me some stories hundreds of times or a brand new one. I cherished the time I spent with him and will cherish it forever more.

As for the last words….

‘I look forward to seeing you again’ – I do to, grandad, I do to…


Author: grumpymedicblog

A graduate entry medical student, weaving his way through med school.

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