A day to reflect

Believe it or not this isn’t going to be a soppy post.

Today was literally spent reflecting.

Unfortunately for us, one of the GMC (general medical council) guidelines for aspiring doctors is for them to have to ability to reflect on their practice. This means filling out weekly reflections on how the week went; what you struggled with and what went well.

Well here’s a reflection. I shouldn’t have left them all to the end of the module. One common thing in life is the accumulation of all the weeks into, what can only be described as, one very long week. So separation of them in order to reflect upon each one was not fun.

Ah well, there’s something to improve on in the future.

Other than that, today was productive. More anatomy revision, more clinical skills revision and some audit surveys completed.

This brings to an end the week of entries which I promised you (and myself) I would do. I might carry on although I feel the daily entries are a bit ambitious (sorry but my life isn’t that interesting). Enjoy the rest of your weekend while you can!


Author: grumpymedicblog

A graduate entry medical student, weaving his way through med school.

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