Well won’t you look at that, it’s the weekend! Another eventful week has passed but today was a pretty standard friday.

Lecture first thing on embryology of the musculoskeletal system (a lot less interesting than it sounds). This was followed by PBL (case based learning). Our case for this week is a 16yo male who tripped and fell over during national qualifiers for the 800m. Funnily enough, he sprained his ankle (who would have guessed!). Next week our cases all turn towards GI, cause if there’s one thing every medical student is desperate to learn, it’s the Bristol Stool Scale….

We finished today with some clinical skills, examining knees and ankles, both joints I have had numerous problems with in the past (never broken bones, only seem to tear ligaments and tendons), so this session was quite familiar following trips to A&E.

So that was my week (i’ll continue to sunday to make it 7 days). I hope it gave a small glimpse into life as a graduate entry medical student. It just so happened it coincided with the last week of a module when things are winding down slightly.

Rest well and enjoy your weekend!


Author: grumpymedicblog

A graduate entry medical student, weaving his way through med school.

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