Happy Hump Day

It’s that time of the week where the weekend is in sight. Also that time of year where everyone is waking from their pancake comas form the night before.

I always love the end of a module, the timetable thins out into nothingness, everyone (tends to) get more relaxed (especially as we don’t have an exam on it for another 8 weeks!!) and we look forward to the next module. The joys that will be the GI tract.

Today was a simple day. 9am start, anatomy workshop on the leg and foot (which naturally overran by 20 minutes – yes there was a pun in there) and that was it. So I decided to head over to the main campus and have a walk around in the glorious early March sun.

Tomorrow will be another interesting day. It’s GP placement day. *One of* the only chances to go out on clinical placement (for now) and actually practice our clinical skills on real patients. The only problem is the patient’s never have a problem which requires you to actually practice what you want – typical.

That means an early start and a lot of coffee which will go cold by the end of the first consultation.

The evening will probably be taken up with revision for our clinical skills exam next week (AHHHH HELP) and revision of this module (may as well start early). Now it’s time for bed!


Author: grumpymedicblog

A graduate entry medical student, weaving his way through med school.

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